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  • Horizontal paper Baler
  • Horizontal paper Baler
  • Horizontal paper Baler
  • Horizontal paper Baler
Horizontal paper BalerHorizontal paper BalerHorizontal paper BalerHorizontal paper Baler

Horizontal paper Baler

  • Category: Baling Machine
  • Views:795
  • Model:120T
  • Motor:22-35KW
  • Baler Size:700*600mm,length is adjustable
  • Baler Weight:about 350kgs
  • Product description:The horizontal hydraulic baler is an efficient and energy-saving industrial equipment designed for processing various waste materials. The baler adopts a hydraulic system, has strong compression force
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Horizontal cardboard baler machine /Baling Press Machine

Introduction of Horizontal Cardboard Baling Press Machine:

Horizontal cardboard baler machine is a mechanical equipment driven by a hydraulic system. It is mainly used to compress various loose materials, such as waste paper, textiles, corn stalks, straw, cotton, hemp rope, etc., into tight blocks or packages. shape, which facilitates measurement and management, thus saving space and facilitating storage and transportation,Suitable for compressing and processing waste paper, waste plastic, waste aluminum, and other sundries in waste recycling stations. Compressing it into regular blocks or bags not only facilitates storage, but also improves recycling efficiency.It is designed as horizontal structure, hydraulic 8-10pieces per hour.The weight of each piece is from 350 kgs to 2000 kgs according to the material.

Features of Horizontal Hydraulic Baling Machine:

Upgrade Storage Wire Tray

There are multiple storage wire reels on both sides of the machine, and the bundled steel wires can be placed on them, effectively saving operation time.

Hydraulic Powered Rope Threader

Each fully automatic horizontal hydraulic baler is equipped with a hydraulic rope threader. After the wire is placed, it can be operated automatically to achieve the effect of automatic rope threading.

Manganese Steel Serrated Cutting Knife

Each machine is equipped with a manganese steel serrated cutting knife, with sharp blades, good cutting performance, no material jam, and smooth compression work.

High-Pressure Oil Tube With Four Layers

The high-pressure oil tube with four layers of steel wire, which is wear-resistant, high-density, and thick-walled to ensure that no oil is sprayed or leaked during work.

Hydraulic Power Clamp

Each side of the bag outlet is equipped with a hydraulic power holding clamp, which is powerful, and the size of the bag outlet can be easily adjusted according to the different materials.

PLC LCD Display Console

The electric box is made of Chinese People's Electrical Appliances, which is simple and convenient to operate. It can also be controlled remotely. You can choose the control method according to your own habits.

Automatic Chain Rope Binding Device

The automatic horizontal hydraulic baler is equipped with a chain-type rope tying device, and the rope hook on the other side is made by laser cutting. The surface is smooth and does not scrape the rope, making the baling smoother.

Brand High Pressure Plunger Pump

High-pressure plunger pump, high efficiency, low noise, high quality. The flow part from the inlet to the outlet of the pump is made of cast iron. The pump body is non-corrosive and anti-wear hydraulic oil medium.

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